A community of doers who want to leave academia

Leaving academia does not make you a failure; it should be the best decision you ever make and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life

We know Academia in 2022 is a bad deal

- We make sure we are fairly paid on our next job

- We know 'interesting problems' and 'smart people' are not exclusive to Academia

We are aware

- We study social skills together

- We take steps to be free of the academic mindset

We are makers

- We study what's useful and valuable

- and try to make more of these things (in our next job)

We read (only) useful books

- Books that promise an outcome and deliver it

- Books that contain solutions to problems we may have (don't reinvent the wheel)

We connect

- We reach for people we can help (those who try to solve a problem we no longer have)

- We reach for people who can help us (a potential future employer or coworker)

Who is 'us'?



"I have moved cities twice, leaving friends and family behind to chase the dream of academic success"

Burned-out academics


"The constant pressure, even post tenure, gets to me. I work every weekend and holiday."

People with a bias for action


"I'm building a habit of applying for non-academic jobs and I'm on a 21-day streak"


It took me two years to drop the academic mindset and adopt a more flexible one where I can add value to different domains. UnstuckPhD exists to make sure you don't need to consume such a long time buried in self-doubt


Partner up with a peer that is going through the same experience; get support when you are faltering, and post your wins! Peer support (and pressure) helps you realize whether you are making progress towards your outcome: leaving academia and getting a better life-defining setting (job or project you love)


With all those paper deadlines, you probably have no time to read and work on your self-development. Yet you understand it's necessary to manage the identity change that will break you free of the current loop: push for yet another grant, without really working on what makes you happy


Do you feel that someone else has a strong say on how you live your life? Would you like to feel more agency on life-changing decisions like where you live, what you work on, and for how long?

Sign up to our community and start moving towards a calmer life on your terms

The community grows through events; once we meet you on videoconference you will get invited to the forum/chat software.

We do this so that we have real people who are motivated to change and help each other